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Driven by Node.js asynchronous design.That means that it doesn’t have to wait for slow file I/O or database operations to continue processing, which makes it really damn fast.

Awesome Design

Layouts are rendered by Webkit. The one which powers Apple's Safari web browser. Real-time events are triggered by google's angularjs.


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Cyburl Broado 1.0.0 for windows 7, 8, 8.1


Cyburl broado 1.0.0 for Linux.

Mac OS X

Cyburl broado for Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

What's New?

Some Features

Since it's driven by node.js asynchronous design which runs on google's V8 engine, the local file system access is amazingly fast. A playlist of 3k can be accessed in miliseconds.

Sharp and crisp typography along with HD artists images as background fetched using google image search api enhances the appearance of the player and gives a greater user experiance

Added broadcast facility(*for VITians only) to share your music with friends to get up/down votes.

Made with love in bootstrap providing proper grid system along with enhanced glyphicons.

Some Screenshots


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